Sports and therapeutic massage therapist Marcy Basile, LMT, is here to help clients of all shapes and sizes get back in the game - whatever your game might be. Four-time winner of The Leader Newspaper's Best Massage Therapist (2014 - 2019), Marcy takes the time to listen to her clients and believes communication is key to the client/therapist relationship.

​When you enter the Connect Massage clinic, you'll instantly notice how accommodating the space is for clients of all sizes. As a larger person herself, Marcy has taken great care to create a welcoming environment for those who might need a bit more space to maneuver and be comfortable.

Growing up in Houston offered her the opportunity to participate in myriad sports including cycling, softball, golf and bodybuilding. As an avid plus-size participant, she has a unique insight into what action might have triggered your aching back, tweaked elbow or cramping feet. As a sports therapist, Marcy often travels to events such as the MS150, Houston Marathon and Tour de Pink assisting athletes at all levels. As an ACE-certified personal trainer, she specializes in larger and senior clients. 

Marcy has been my massage therapist for at least five years. Marcy always asks what I want to work on and works hard to take care of specific issues when I tell her about them.

Penny L