Massage helps recreational athletes, too!

By Connect Massage

While you may not get a paycheck for completing your favorite workout or playing on a rec league team regular massage therapy can benefit your training and well being.

Got a body? You're welcome here!

By Marcy Basile LMT

When you enter the Connect Massage clinic, you'll instantly notice how accommodating the space is for clients of all sizes.

Pregnant? Massage helps ease those aches, pains

By Connect Massage

Massage is safe at any point during a healthy pregnancy. But finding a massage therapist that will massage pregnant people – especially in the first trimester -- can be challenging.

FREE Self-Massage Tools That Get Results

By Connect Massage

Just like brushing and flossing between dentist visits keeps your teeth and gums healthier for longer, self-massage can prolong the benefits of your sessions and help keep pain and stiffness at bay.

6 surprising massage facts

By Connect Massage

Here are 6 surprising facts to know about your next massage session.