At Connect Massage, each massage is custom designed to fit the client's needs and comfort. After an initial consultation, Marcy will explain the protocol she'll be following for that session. Drawing upon her extensive training, she'll incorporate techniques from several modalities to provide the healing massage experience you'll come to expect. The following is a small sample of various modalities and how they can be incorporated into a massage session.

60 minutes: $100        90 minutes: $140


Swedish massage, the foundation of most massage modalities, is designed to relax and rejuvenate the body and soul through long, measured strokes. Warming and stretching the muscles provide the body an opportunity to replenish fluids and restore blood flow to relieve aches and muscle tightness. Additional attention to client's physical comfort on the table adds another dimension to each session.

Deep Tissue/Pain Management

Extensions of Swedish massage, deep tissue and pain management work are used to release chronically tight areas such as shoulders, glutes and lower backs. Therapists trained in these modalities utilize specific techniques to reach trouble spots. And, contrary to what you might have heard, this type of work should not leave you with bruises or residual pain that lingers for days.


Athletes at all levels know that to improve athletic performance they need to truly know their bodies. Along with proper nutrition, muscle recovery provided by sports massage enhances an athlete's training regime. The addition of sport specific stretches, compression and long, fluid strokes contribute to a soothing, rejuvenating massage for every athlete.


Based on traditional Thai bamboo massage techniques, the addition of warm bamboo elevates every Connect Massage session to another relaxation level. By combining consistent pressure with dry warmth, the bamboo allows Marcy to gently ease the aches and pains out of her client's backs, shoulders and legs.


Having a baby? First of all: Congratulations!! Second, don't wait until you're in pain to get a massage. The old wives' tale of 'no massages until the second trimester' has been scientifically debunked, so begin pampering yourself (and baby!) from the get go. You'll be in sidelying position which provides comfort and support for both mother and child.

TMJ Disorder

If you grind your teeth at night, clench your jaw while working or have pain and popping when you open your mouth, you might need some work on your TMJs. Massage therapists tend to misinterpret the signs of TMJ disorder (tightness in the jaw, neck, and upper back paired with headaches along the temple) as shoulder girdle and trapezius issues. Marcy combines stretching and TMJ specific techniques to help restore balance to the client's jaw.

Marcy did a thorough consult and an even better massage. She sent me home with great tips and homework. I will be visiting her monthly.