Before During and After

When you enter the Connect Massage clinic, you'll instantly notice how accommodating the space is for clients of all sizes. 

But what about during the actual massage? Will the table be wide enough? Is it strong enough to hold me without collapsing? YES! Oh my goodness, yes! Massage tables are rated by what's called a 'working weight' which is the client's weight PLUS the therapist's weight. Our table is rated at 800lbs; Marcy is 5'9" and 280lbs. So, yes, you'll be stable and comfortable on the table.

After you schedule your massage, you'll receive a confirmation email with the date and time of your session. Open this email! It's your opportunity to double check your calendar and reschedule if necessary. Also, we often include updated information (such as possible parking issues, directions to the clinic, etc.). You'll also find an attached online intake form you'll need to fill out prior to your session.

Once in the massage room, we'll go over your intake form, discuss your concerns, and design your session accordingly. After that, the therapist exists the room, you'll undress to your comfort level (most people leave on their underwear), place your clothes either on the couch or on the clothes hook on the door and situate yourself UNDER the sheets on the table. Don't worry, the therapist will direct you to face up or down but if you get it wrong, we'll just have you turn over. Being under the sheets provides you coverage while allowing your therapist access to the body part being worked on. Only that body part will be exposed. 

Finally, when the massage is over, the therapist will leave the room, you'll carefully get up from the table, get dressed, and enjoy the rest of your day.